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If you want a video guitar lesson, then learn from the best

There is nothing more inspiring then watching a video guitar lesson of your favorite players up close and personal while they demonstrate their technique.

I have around 20 videos,and the following is a list of videos thatI watch time and time again. Even if you aren't a fan of these players, I feel that any guitar player would benefit greatly by these videos.

1) Rock Discipline - John Petrucci

I might as well say up front that Dream Theater is my favorite band and Petrucci is my favorite player. This is simply the best video guitar lesson I've ever gotten. It is over 2 hours long and Petrucci covers numerous topics and offers advice on practicing and creative soloing...among other things. His technique is absolutely flawless, yet he still presents the material in a friendly and jovial manner that anybody can relate to. And as a finale, he gives you an up close and personal tour of his stage setup! Quite impressive to say the least. I highly recommend this video to any guitar player of any skill level.

John Petrucci's Rock Discipline

2) Shawn Lane - Power Licks

If it weren't for the fact that I'm such ahuge Dream Theater fan I would have put this video guitar lesson first. This guy is the best guitar player I have ever heard. Let me say that again...

This guy is the best guitar player I've ever heard!!

Seriously, he is amazing. I've never seen anyone like him. Its like he has extra tendons in his fingers! He plays faster than anybody I've ever seen, yet his sense of melody and playing melodically isas good as anybody. In the guitar lessons, he goes over a sample of some of his licks, and he performs 3 songs from his solo album "Powers of Ten" (which I also have). His licks are incredibly tough to pull off. I have never really practiced them, but I still watch the video regularly. And the intro is simply jaw-dropping!!

If you want a little inspiration and have never heard/seen this guy play then get this video!

P.S. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion...even the guy from San Francisco who wrote the review...

Shawn Lane's Power Licks

NOTE:  Shawn passed away in 2004.  It's truly a shame because he was one of the most gifted musicians to ever walk this earth.

3) Marty Friedman - Melodic Control

Marty was with Jason Becker in "Cacophony" for the '80s but it wasn't until he joined Megadeth in 1990 on "Rust in Piece" that he really made a name for himself.

This video guitar lesson came out in 1992 at the time when he released his "Scenes" solo album. In the video, he demonstrates how to play leads by following chord progressions as opposed to simply following the scale. When he plays over the same progression with a scale, and then by following the changes, you really can see/hear the difference in how much better the lead sounds by following changes. He also goes over his favorite arpeggios, licks and scales that he demonstrates with his own unique style. I've always admired the way he plays with agression, yet somehow manages to sound melodic at the same time. This video guitar lesson is definitely worth checking out.

Marty Friedman's Melodic Control

I'm always on the lookout for a new video guitar lesson so when I find one that is worthwhile, I'll post it here.


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