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Top Guitar Sites - Mxtabs, Guitar Tab Universe, Ultimate Guitar, Harmony Central, Tabcrawler and More!

Below are a bunch of the biggest guitar sites on the internet. Be sure to check them all out!

Metaltabs - The largest collection of heavy metal tabs on the net. No Nu-metal. If you're looking for anything metal this is the place!

Mxtabs - The largest tab archive on the internet (over 120,000+ tabs)

Mysongbook - The largest collection of Guitar Pro tabs. Must own Guitar Pro software to view these tabs.

Guitar Tabs - Yet another huge tablature archive. Also has a "sister" lyrics site.

Guitar Tab Universe - Another huge tablature archive.

The next two sites are probably the most well known top site lists and have been around for a long time:

Top 100 Tab Sites

Top 100 Guitar Sites

Some additional sites worth checking out:

Ultimate Guitar - Yet another huge archive with other resources as well.

Harmony Central - This site has everything music for...well everything! Arguably the best overall music site on the internet.

Tabcrawler - Another rapidly growing tab archive (Also has a topsite list which is why its listed below).

Guitar War - Allows users to upload their songs to do "battle" with other musicians. Very unique concept.

Guitar Tricks - Great site for finding specific lessons on different types of guitar techniques


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Top 100 Guitar Sites
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