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Guitar Scales - Free guitar scale tab

While others may disagree, I'm of the firm belief that learning basic guitar scales right off the bat is very important in technique building. When I first started playing I learned most of the basic guitar scales right away. Within a year or two I was able to play a lot of leads, but more importantly the technique that I built by learning these scales helped my overall technique and picking up more complex rythym playing as well.

There are 3 basic types of guitar scales, which I will breakdown with different examples on different pages. Click on the links to see more detailed explanations.

The Blues Guitar Scale and the Pentatonic Guitar Scale- I like to keep these together because they are essentially the same scale. The blues scale simply has a couple of extra notes.

The Major Guitar Scale (or Ionian Guitar Mode) - The "happy" sounding scale. This scale also corresponds to the Ionian mode in the modal system

The Minor Guitar Scale (or Aeolian Guitar Mode) - This is the basic "sad" sounding scale. This corresponds with the Aeolein mode in the modal system.

The one thing to understand about scales and the guitar in general is that they are based on patterns on the fretboard. For example an A-minor pentatonic scale in the fifth position will become a B-flat pentatonic minor scale simply by moving that pattern up one fret on the fretboard.


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