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Welcome to the Guitar Resource Center. My goal is to provide links to the best guitar center of resources on the internet (from reviews on guitars, amps, effects, and parts, to guitar lessons and links to other outstanding resources).

Some of the highlights of this site include:

Guitar Reviews - Electric, Acoustic, and Classical Guitars- Find user submitted reviews of guitars and gear and submit reviews of your own gear. Also find reviews on guitar parts and other music equipment.

Basic Guitar Chords - Over 100 chord charts for most basic guitar chords.

There are numerous articles on buying guitars, doing your own transcriptions, where you can find the best online guitar lessons and more. If you have trouble finding what you're looking for check the site map, or use the search box below the footer menu at the bottom (the search box can be found on every page).

Also be sure to check out Guitar Lesson Comparisons where you will find the top online guitar lessons reviewed

Also check out some additional resources here.


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